Wave Rider 20 Review: Treat ‘yo Self!

I’m not the type of girl who gets excited about shoes. I don’t wear heels and feel that it’s a chore to walk in anything above a flat. But running shoes? Specifically Mizuno running shoes? Oh, I’m there. Thoroughly interested. I’m all, “Sit down. Let’s discuss gait, pronation, trail or pavement, and the best pair of Mizunos for all of the above.” So imagine my excitement when I was asked to review the new Wave Rider 20!

mizuno wave rider 20Through living and learning, and wearing the wrong shoes and stress fracturing my tibia, I discovered long ago that if I’m going running, my feet like insist upon Mizuno shoes. I’ve been wearing their Wave Riders since my very first half marathon years ago and trust only those to get me through my races. I have three or four pairs and can’t seem to let myself part with them. Yesssss, runner friends. They are all way past their mileage now, but I still refuse to give them up. Bad Cherie Runs This. Bad!

So again, this offer came at just the right time. Right as I was thinking about doing a little “treat ‘yo self,” the shoes came into my life. I had no idea what color would be coming my way, but was happily surprised with the Baton Rouge – White that arrived. Now, I normally wear a 9.5 wide, but in my pure excitement, requested regular 10s. Ohhhh no. I was so nervous as I put them on, “Please dear goodness let these shoes fit…”

BOOM. Like a glove. Or, uh, like a shoe. They fit! My honest to goodness immediate words out of my mouth were, “So soft. So cushy. Ahhhhh. Like a cloud,” and then I pranced around my bedroom. The Wave Rider 20 is supposed to offer a “softer, smoother ride with an even more responsive feel,” and boy do they ever. I’d suggest changing the name to Cloud Rider, but why mess up a good thing…

One of my favorite things about them besides the color (I LOVE bright running shoes) is that they’re lightweight. With my big ‘ol feet, my shoes are usually pretty heavy and bulky most times. So they’re not cumbersome, don’t trip me up, and the cushioning keeps me going and not looking at my watch. As with the four pairs I had before these, I give these two toes up!

mizuno running

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If you’re in the mood for a little “treat ‘yo self,” go out and pick up these shoes this weekend. ‘Tis the season for shopping! Read all about the shoes I received, and more reviews, here.

This is a sponsored post. Mizuno was kind enough to provide me with shoes in exchange for my honest review of the Wave Rider 20.

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