What’s in Your Cart: The First Edition

I get a lot of questions about what I eat. Y’all are a curious bunch and I love it! But sometimes it’s even more specific such as, “What exactly do you buy at the grocery store, Cherie?, or more simply, “What’s in Your Cart?” Keeping this in mind and wanting to answer the question so that you’ll all get to see the answer {instead of the one person I respond to}, I decided to have a new section of posts on here aptly named, “What’s in Your Cart?” {WIYC}

I do have a long list of items that I usually buy, and that’s listed at the top of the page in the My Healthy Eating section if you want to scan it quickly!

I’m hoping to give you all an insight as to what foods I eat, why I chose one item over the other, my honest reviews of them, fun foods I stumble upon, and the usual clean-eating staples that fuel my body. Also, if I find anything out there that is simply knock-your-socks-off-shut-the-front-door-makes-you-wanna-slap-your-mama good, by all means, I’ll include that here too!

You know by now that I aim to eat clean 90% of the time. What do I mean by that? Well, as borrowed from one of my other posts: “I stay away from processed, artificial, chemical-laden, pre-packaged, and fast-food as best I can. I’m not a health-robot though. I don’t always eat organic, I do choose frozen over fresh for convenience sometimes and when I’m crunched for time or just really like a product, I’ll used it instead of having the super clean, super fresh version–such as substituting jarred marina sauce instead of making it myself with fresh tomatoes. Hey, I do my best the majority of the time!”

Starting off, these are the 10 foods that are pretty much in my cart any time I go grocery shopping:

Obviously there are times when I need to get more than these 10. But sometimes I have enough oatmeal or wild blueberries for example, so I may not have to get them again on that specific trip. But when I do my major shopping, you can bet these 10 items are in my cart!

In this first installment of WIYC, I just cannot go without mentioning the natural peanut butter that I have slightly gone NUTS for lately!! I’m pretty sure they must be tired of me tweeting about them, but I just can’t help myself.

This is the knock-my-socks-off-shut-the-front-door-makes-you-wanna-slap-your-mama stuff that I was talking about. Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Butter is made right here in Durham, NC, which is one big draw for me. I LOVE eating local foods! But even if this peanut butter was made in Iowa, I’d still have to have it. I’ve tried the regular peanut butter, peanut almond and peanut cashew, but there are others out there–like one with chocolate! I’ve yet to be able to get my hands on it {every time I hit up the Saxapahaw General Store it’s all sold out!}, but I will! Definitely, definitely difficult to stick to my self-imposed rule of one tablespoon per day!

This is sadness to me.

Less sock-knocking-off, but still exciting to me–I really have completely weened myself off the flavored Greek yogurt. It was hard as the dickens, but I did it. And actually now, I don’t miss the flavored at all! What’s that they say? It takes 21 days to create a habit? Well, I must have been eating plain for at least 21 days now because I have no desire to have the flavored ever again!

I do have a little brand loyalty to my Greek yogurt {CHOBANI}, but when times are tough as they usually are, I buy what’s on sale! As long as it has a great amount of protein and low sugar grams {that’s the beauty of the plain Greek}, I’ll get it. I eat it EVERY day, add wild blueberries, chia seeds and a smidgen of granola sometimes and it’s sooooo friggin’ good!

And lastly for today, quinoa. I just love quinoa.

Quinoa {keen-waa} makes me happy. It’s a grain {but I hear technically a seed} that is a complete protein. I use it all the time when I make a stir-fry, or in my clean stuffed peppers, or in any dish where I would normally use rice. So good and good for you! My tip? I cook it with vegetable broth instead of water–adds a little flavor!

So there you have it–that’s what’s in my cart this week. I’m liking this new blog topic already and look forward to bringing you more info on tasty foods!

What’s something that is always in YOUR cart?

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  • Since I’m new to this whole weight loss thing… its refreshing to see what people are actually buying and eating. It helps a lot! Thank you!

  • Cherie, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your post. Always so helpful. Thanks and keep doing what you do…..

  • Your picks are all great clean eating staples! Quinoa is so versatile – how can anyone not love it?
    Tempeh and farm fresh eggs are two of my staples. I’ve been working harder to eat more protein lately, and those are two that my body absolutely loves!

    • I’m amazing I like these staples so much! It took me a while to get used to healthy eating, but now I crave it! 🙂 Yessss, farm fresh eggs are the best!

  • I love quinoa too and I use your recipes to cook it. I used your lemon cilantro quinoa salad recipe , finally finished eating it all yesterday, I’m totally making it again this week it was so good.

  • Thanks, sis! You’re the best! I’m liking this new blog topic, too. 🙂 Question, is that peanut butter only sold locally in NC? I’m not familiar with it. I’ve been eating the Peanut Butter & Co. stuff I actually heard about from you sold at Wegmans. (I think you were in DC at the time visiting or something.) I need to try the quinoa more. I’ve only had it once I think. Your stir-fry always looks delish! What is it about the plain Greek yogurt that’s so much better than the flavored Greek yogurt?

    • No problem! I’m not sure about the PB–did you click the link I put in there? It’ll take you to their site and it should say on there! Also, with the Greek yogurt, it’s pretty much what I said in the post–more protein and less sugar! 😀

      • I just checked on the peanut butter. They have 2 places that sell it in NY, but no where near Syracuse. Boo! You can order online though.

  • Hi Brooke, click the link in the blog post–the one that says Big Spoon Roasters. It takes you to their site. 😉