Women’s Running Magazine awesomeness and Be Your Own Runner.

Hey all! I wish I had time for more of a post-post today, but well, yeah, nope…I don’t. I’m writing this on Sunday night and the Billboard Music Awards are taking most of my attention. I can’t miss a Prince sighting, y’all!! Anyhow, it’s the thought that counts and my thought is there at least! 😉

I don’t have much going on this week as far as noteworthy news and newsworthy notes and promised myself when I first started this blog that I wouldn’t just get on here and babble just to babble. But I do have one thing that just happened which IS total awesomesauce and worth a mention…

Remember how I was supposed to be featured in Women’s Running Magazine in April 2013 in the Social Life section? And then this happened:

WomensRunningMagazine April2013 CherieRunsThis_SocialLife

Yeah, my blog’s name and info, but that runner certainly was not me. Nice girl I’m sure, but we do look a lil different. 😉

Anyhoooo, after chatting with the lovely editor of Women’s Running, Jessie Sebor {and I do mean calling her cell phone at like 11pm, haha}, we worked it all out and she came up with three ideas.

One was to fix the Social Life and send me a PDF of it {it was too late to do a reprint in the magazine}:

womens running social life cherie runs this april 2013

I forgot the second–I think it was to do something online, but I can’t remember and come on, Women’s Running Magazine has already been pretty awesome to me online as it was, right??? Being featured as a Blogger on the Run in December 2012 and then listed as one of their Top 12 Bloggers on the Run of the year for 2012 was a whole lotta online love already!!

But the third–so friggin’ cool, Jessie suggested featuring me as a Life Changer in the June 2013 issue with a full page. Heck yeah!!! At that point I was super happy the Social Life section got messed up, haha. A whole page was even better! Fast forward a few months to now, and I came home from work on Friday night and there was the June issue on our pile o’mail in the dining room.

womens running magazine june 2013 jennifer love hewitt_

I was all, “Oh yay, Women’s Running is here,” because I was just excited to see it as per usual. Then like, two seconds later, I thought, “Oh snap! I think I’m in this one!

I flipped right to it amazingly enough…
womens running magazine life changers cherie runs this_
Yeeeehaww, I love it! And I more importantly I love my Best Advice:


I can’t say anything more true than that!! That’s the main thing I’ve come to learn since all this running business started. I’m me. I’m not you. I do my thing and run my own race. And pace. I’m my own runner and doggone happy to be.

And very happy with Women’s Running, yet again. Thanks soooooo much! 😀

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