What does yoga mean to you? #ShareYourOM for National Yoga Month!

I’ll admit it. It’s been far too long since I’ve gotten my body into the Downward Dog, Warrior, Rabbit or Headstand Poses. Okay, not the Headstand–who am I kidding about that one?

I think about all of this from time to time while I’m at the gym. I’m there, squatting, dead lifting, benching, curling and I see the yoga girls walk by on their way to the studio. “Maybe I’ll drop in on a session for old time’s sake,” I say. I remember how good it felt; a different type of good from my beloved weight lifting or running. I was centered, calm, limber… But then weeks pass. No dropping in for me. Big yoga fail on my part.


But this month will be different! September is National Yoga Month. So whether it’s in a class, in my home gym with a DVD, or in my own backyard, I will be partaking in the festivities.
What festivities? What’s going on you ask? Even if you didn’t ask, you know I’m going to tell you. 😀 The awesome company that is Athleta is kicking off the #ShareYourOM campaign TODAY! All month long, they are encouraging all of you lovely people out there to share what yoga means to you.
athleta #shareyouromHow do you do it? There are many ways! You can do what I just did–take a pic of yourself (Yes, a selfie–sue me, I love that word. AND selfies.) and Tweet it, Facebook it, Pinterest it, Instagram it, blog it, etc. with the #ShareYourOM hashtag. Let the world know what yoga means to you. For instance, this is what yoga means to me:

“To me, yoga means being present in the moment, comfortable in my own skin and learning how to be strong, focused, and connected to my surroundings. #ShareYourOM”

Easy, peasy.

athleta storefront

You can also head over to your local Athleta,

athleta durham events

and check out their table of information

athleta computer

or log on to Athleta’s website to learn about the campaign, search for events and/or classes in your local store or find details about a free online yoga class through YogaGlo!

athleta dressing room

Or while you’re at the store, just hang out for a while trying on cute clothes,

athleta thumbholes

admire the thumbholes (I seriously LOVE them!),

athleta clothes

and then purchase said cute clothes. Oops. Hey, my OM is happiest in cute fitness clothing, okay? 😉

Already, get ready to #ShareYourOM! But don’t forget to share it with Athleta, of course. Here’s where you can find them all over social media:

Chi Blog

~Namaste, y’all.

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