You asked, I answered: Time & Motivation all here in one neat little post.

With my stepped up dedication to end my weight loss/get fit JOURNEY and finally reach the land of MAINTENANCE, I’ve been hearing two questions over and over.

— How do you find the time?
— Where do you get the motivation?

Over and over and over. REALLY. At least 3-5 times a day errrryday.

I think I tackled {or at least tried to} the first question a little bit in a previous post.

tough love

You just have to MAKE time. Hence this picture above. Not many people I know have hours upon hours to do whatever they want or waste. In fact, from the people I follow most on Twitter or fellow bloggers–they have MUCH LESS time than I do, and they’re getting it done.

if you have time for facebook you have time to work out

But there are some people who do HAVE the time, but CHOOSE to waste it doing something else. ANYTHING else other than working on their fitness & health. Hence this picture above. Call it harsh if you will, but some of my personal friends I know in real life needed this dose of reality. I’m ALL for helping/advising/coaching, but the one thing that enrages me is telling me you don’t have time to work out yet I can CLEARLY see you on Facebook playing games after I’ve spent what little free time I have to try to help you!!!

But since just telling you {through attractive pinnable images} how I make time may not be working, let me try real life pics and words together.

****First answer: TIME****

1. I make Sunday my PREP DAY.

Especially now that my beloved NFL is over for a few months, I can really get this stuff done like clockwork.

roasted chicken
I prep my breakfast and lunches for the week ahead. For instance, while I’m working out on Sundays, I’ll have a whole chicken roasting in the oven. I MULTITASK. But yes, I make a huge batch of steel cut oats for breakfast, make the lean protein, veggies, carbs for lunch and get it all packed up and ready.

meal prep
I’ll take a package of ground up white meat turkey and make a bunch of turkey burgers and freeze them so that I can quickly toss one on the George Foreman if I run out of the chicken/veggie packs. Whatever it is–I make sure my lunches are ready ahead of time. Reach in the fridge, grab my prepacked lunch–EASY!

I also do the same with midmorning and midday snacks. I’ll pre-count baggies of almonds {20 per bag}, get shakers ready with my casein protein powder, grab a few protein bars and set them aside, spoon out and divide up a batch of plain Greek yogurt with wild blueberries–whatever I need to do so I’ll have healthy snacks on hand at the office.

2. Dinner PREP

I plan our weekly meals ahead of time–also done on Sundays. I write out a list of what our dinners will be for the week. Thank goodness I have a good husband–he cooks Monday through Thursday while I’m at the gym after work. {Hey–he gets a hot wife in exchange. Sounds legit.}  He knows what to make {the list is on the fridge} and I set the ingredients together every morning so it’s easy-peasy.

3. Exercise PREP

Again, Sunday is the day for this.

workout journal

I get out my trusty exercise journal and I look to see what worked from the past week, what didn’t, what I need to work on/improve, and what exercises I want to do for the week ahead to reach my goals.

I look through magazines like Oxygen Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Hers and go by random exercises I’ve seen people perform at the gym during the previous week that look challenging. I just try to get creative. If I held a weight with palms down I may try it palms up the next time to utilize a different muscle. If something really works and I seem to be getting results, I stick with it and up the weight. I like to change it up and keep my body guessing.

4. Gym bag PREP

practice safe sets

Since I know that I’m automatically going to the gym Monday through Thursday and will be on a time crunch those mornings, ahead of time {YES on Sunday} I get four sets of gym clothes ready. Shoes, socks, capris, tank, tee, sports bra–whatever–I make sure it’s all sitting there {in four neat piles} and ready to stuff in my gym bag.


I think a few people are under the assumption that I pack four separate bags. Nope–I just make four piles and fill up the same bag. That way I can keep the little stuff in the inside pocket without switching it all out–deodorant, hair ties, hair clips, gloves, etc.

I also get my 5 outfits ready for work for the week. I’m all matchy matchy with my gym clothes, so you KNOW I’m on point with my office attire!

5. Get enough SLEEP

Enough for me is 7-8 hours. It’s different for everyone. So yes, I have to limit my TV watching during the week. That’s what the DVR is for. Yes, I only have about 1 hour to fit in social media time when I get home which pretty much means no blogging during the week. You’ll live! And you can hear from me on Twitter, FB, & Instagram. That’s enough, haha. All this so I can get up at 5am to do my morning workout, make it through work all day and then hit a second workout at the gym hard. But you do what you have to do to get what you want. I do, anyhow.

Again, none of this, “but Cherie, I have eight kids/5 jobs/take classes/my husband sucks/I can’t miss my shows” stuff please. Read that part above again–there is ALWAYS going to be someone BUSIER than you who gets it done. They find a way-you can find a way-I had to find a way.

morning and night workout

So yes, by all means I’m still doing my 2-a-Days. Morning cardio before work in the morning, then weights after work and more cardio. I’m a woman on a mission, haha. Know YOUR goals and tailor your work to reach those goals. MAKE the time.

****Second answer: MOTIVATION****

1. I look at myself naked in the mirror. A LOT. ALL ANGLES/SIDES.

2. I look at my “before” picture. A LOT. I carry it with me, actually.

3. I look at amazing before and after pictures on Instagram right before I work out and during my workouts {if I’m feeling slugglish}.

4. I started a major online presence that holds me accountable. And y’all really, really do!!

5. All of the looks/comments from the people who never thought I could, never thought I’d get there, didn’t believe in me, made fun of my weight, wouldn’t be friends with me, wouldn’t date me, each and every last one of my haters, and yes, The Teacher. Thank you ALL for the motivation.

Alrighty–those are my responses. Time & motivation. Got it? Good! Now get to work!!! 😀

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  • I want the Puma Bag!

  • I think I need to use your routine as a model and be more disciplined with my time. :). This might seen to be a tough love kind of post, but really, it just lays it all out there realistically. I love it! You inspire me so much! You make me see that it can be done. I’m going to try a new motivational tool. I haven’t ever seen it mentioned (so it might actually be an original idea, or not, lol) , but I am going to take some pictures of myself and Photoshop them, so that I can see what the results will be as I get fitter and smaller. I can’t visualize a better me in my head, but if I can see it in front of me, it might keep me going, Stage by stage.
    Valarie recently posted..The People in the Back Matter Too.My Profile

  • I started doing meal planning a couple months ago. I hate that hour or so of planning, but I’m definitely glad the rest of the week that I’ve done it! Tim and I are hoping to get an upright freezer soon so I’m hoping to stock up on ready to go meals. I made homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday to freeze for easy lunches.

    Keep on doing your thing, sis! 🙂

  • OMG! We are very similar in our prep during the week. As you know I AM an early morning riser (and am proud you have joined us being up early recently) and so I NEED everything prepped in advance. Yes, like you, I usually do everything on Sundays and if I dont, then it happens as soon as I come home in the evening – just before I head back out to the gym for round 2. I need to have everything at my hands. Not to repeat what you have here but I do set out my gym clothes for the week and work outfits too, with a few to spare, just in case I am not feeling it that day or there is a drastic weather change I didnt anticipate (gotta hate New England weather) People always say I am constantly busy but I ALWAYS tell them, “you find time to do the things that are important to you”. My motivation – I dont ever want to be shopping for larger sized clothing. Discipline applies to all aspects of life…good discipline or bad discipline. Individually we choose! Kudos to you on this successful journey. Keep it up. TeamCherie!

  • The problem with those questions is that most of them are being asked by people who want to hear the easy route. You probably made at least half of the lazy bunches eyes glaze over! That is a LOT of hard work you have list in this post. I am so proud of you for all you do to be healthy and keep it going. Others will not think this and actually think low of you. I have heard “that is just too much work” so many times when I start talking. AND yet, our country is falling apart at the seems from being overweight. I think the easy so be out of style by now and hard work be seen as awesome. Weightloss and health are NOT freebies. Nothing worth anything is free…unless we are talking salvation but even that comes with hard work that has been planned for us!! People need to realize the body is the temple and needs to be treated as such!!

  • This post is very interesting :). Truly enjoyed reading and found out inspiration to join gym soon for fit body. Just because of confusion is planning I’m becoming very lazy at work and refreshed completely studying such motivational little post.
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  • EXCELLENT Cherie! I follow several former Biggest Loser contestants on FB and they do a lot of the same things, like prep meals on weekends. You have a great system going, no wonder you have been so successful.