2 Races in 2 Weeks – Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh & Tar Heel 10 Miler Recap!

I know the last time I wrote, which yes, seemed like ages ago (oops!), I was all in a tizzy over whether or not I’d be able to run all of my races that were quickly approaching. Well, so far, so good. I have two under my SpiBelt, and only one more to go! I will say, after this crazy trifecta of races in a one month period concludes next Sunday with my half marathon in Pittsburgh, I’m taking a ‘lil running break! I need weights back in my life FOR REAL. Looking at pictures of myself is apparent enough of that! I want my sexy back. And my muscular physique that was so nicely forming….Sigh.

Anyhow, off back to the races.

First, I had the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon on April 13. I had planned to run it with my Fleet Feet group I had been training with since January. Unfortunately, I backed off on training a lot with them because I was made a mentor for my YMCA running group. The Y group was training for a 4 miler race, so I never ended up running the mileage I should have been running to train for the half. Oops. Yes, yes, I could have gone out on my own after working with them to make up the miles, but, well, you see…what had happened was….

I just didn’t. And the one time I did is when I was going all Rambo up a big hill and pulled my calf muscle. So yeah. You know the rest.

I still wanted the show to go on regardless of whether I had to run it alone or not. I get into my zone, don the iPod and do my thing—so running alone is never a BFD. But just then, one of my college bffs who lives nearby by said she’d run it with me! Oh joy! Girl time and someone to keep me company. Especially being that it wasn’t just any girl. The awesome thing about running with someone you’ve known for a little over 15 years is that you don’t have to make small talk and when you don’t feel like talking and just want to run, you can do that and no one feels weird about the awkward silence because it’s not awkward at all!

Rock n Roll Raleigh Expo sign

Our first plan of action was to get to the expo and pick up our packets. That was no problem. Jamie had never been to Raleigh and I had only been there a few times, but somehow we worked it out.

runner balloon man

It was all fun and games maneuvering through the expo and getting our bibs.

Rock n Roll Raleigh Expo Sizzlefish Booth

I even managed to meet Rob from Sizzlefish! You know I looooove me some Sizzlefish!

Brooks Running Mechanical Shoe

The roughest part, and I have a scar on my leg to prove it, was riding the Brooks Running mechanical shoe. Yes, think “bull,” but replace it with a big shoe!! Tons of fun, but ooooh golly. Thank goodness there are no pictures of me on it, but I did snag one of Jamie!

The next morning we woke up before the roosters so we could make the trek back Raleigh and secure a parking spot.

pre race morning in traffic

Here we are sitting in traffic. Haha, apparently everyone had the same idea.

 Rock n Roll Raleigh

We took some pics before it all began.

3…2…1… it was time to run! My thoughts immediately as I began went something like:

“Hmm, I hope Raleigh isn’t as hilly as Chapel Hill.”
“Damn, Raleigh is hilly. It may be more hilly than Chapel Hill.”
“Ohh, goodness, Jamie’s probably thinking she could walk faster than I run.”
“Have we even run a mile yet?”
“Beer. I just want beer. I must run to get the beer.”

cold beer Rock n Roll Raleigh

“Eff this time crap. I care less about my time than I normally do. We need to walk for a minute!”

“Ohhhh, not another hill!!!”
“Wow, yeah, I probably should not have skipped those long training runs.”
“Is there a water station anywhere around here?”

Running Keeps Me Sexy - Rock n Roll Raleigh

“Oh that’s an inspirational poster. Let’s stop and take a pic. Or just stop. I don’t feel sexy, though.”
“I think my skirt is riding up. Uh-oh. I apologize to the people’s eyes behind me.”
“FOR REAL. Can a girl get some water, yo?”

After I stopped being all whiny and letting my mind go into a zillion places, I got more into the run and decided it was happening and I was just going to have to go with it. I knew I was going to be way off finishing it in 2:45 or even 3 hours, so I just decided to take in the sights of Raleigh.

Rock n Roll Raleigh

But seriously, those hills tho.

nike gps longest run

We finished.

Rock n Roll Raleigh post race

I think Jamie could have ridden a snail’s back and finished faster than I did, so I thank her for running it with me! I’m glad I went a lot slower than normal because I wasn’t experiencing crazy soreness/pain the next day and was in great condition for the next race 13 days later—The Tar Heel 10 Miler.

(My heart and prayers go out to the families of the two individuals that passed away during the Rock ‘n Roll race.)


welcome to chapel hill

So the Tar Heel 10 Miler was yesterday. I felt pretty great and was soooooo happy that it was a shorter race! Ten IS perfect. Not too much—not too little—like Goldilock’s porridge, a 10 miler race is just right.

ymca running group

This is the race that the group I’ve been mentoring has been training for, but they were running the 4 miler option that was offered. We met up at 6 am on UNC’s campus to take a group picture. I don’t know where the picture is that has me in it, but this is a shot of them after they finished their race. Good job, ladies and gents!!!

tarheel 10 miler pre race

Here I am pre-race! All smiles!

tarheel ten miler start

They had to line up at a different location than the 10 milers, so we said our good-byes and I headed over to my area.

slow runners corral

Yup, haha, looks just about right! Again, I run like a turtle making its way through a sea of peanut butter, but I still run!

tarheel 10 miler morning

As we started, I felt a lot better in this race than I did in the Rock ‘n Roll. My legs felt strong, and I knew that I only had 10 to do instead of 13.1 and that somehow made it easier. (When I became someone that would put the word “ONLY” in front of 10 when referring to mileage, I just don’t know.) I simply had a countdown in my head and marked of the miles in my mind as I went along—and they were going must faster than I realized. I was even going faster. I looked at my Polar and Nike+ GPS and was way ahead of the game. I had tons of time to spare. I wasn’t trying to, but I was on target to beat last year’s time—

Oh look. Here’s Laurel Hill.

Eff you, Laurel Hill.

As I stated last year, this beast of a hill comes a little after mile 8 of this 10 mile race. And it’s like no hill I’ve ever seen in my life. The hill has its own split! Well, I told myself if I ran the entire race, I could walk up Laurel Hill. And walk I did. I power walked, but it still took me a little over 11 minutes to climb it.

I had spotted some great inspiration as I was making my way up.

tarheel 10 miler laurel hill

After that, there was less than a mile to go and I ran toward the finish line into UNC’s football stadium.

tarheel 10 miler

tarheel 10 miler medal

Tarheel 10 milers results 4.26.14

I crossed the line, collected my medal and of course took a selfie. Race number two out of three was complete!

post race beer

In true Cherie fashion, I took myself to my favorite bar/restaurant and had a little post-race treat.

Ahhhh, so worth it! Cheers and I’ll see you at the finish line of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in six days!!!