6 Things for a Single Runner’s Perfect Valentine’s Day

Oh boy. Here it comes whether I want it or not…Valentine’s Day!


I’ve seen a lot of random posts this week on Twitter, FB and Pinterest with suggestions as to what to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Being that this will be my first time in 10 years celebrating this holiday on my own, I needed my own list. A list for me as a single gal; a single runner lover. Goodness knows no one will be shopping for any chocolates, jewelry or roses for me. {Which is actually good because I don’t need any more chocolate, don’t wear a lot of jewelry and I prefer tulips.} So I thought about it. What would I get myself as my own Valentine? What would make this the perfect Valentine’s Day for me?

6 Things for a Single Runner's Perfect Valentine's Day

And so came about my list: 6 Things for a Single Runner’s Perfect Valentine’s Day. {Now mind you–this is my perfect, haha. I can’t speak for yours! So I guess it’s not “a” but “this”. Whatev. You get it.}

1. ♥ To get hot & sweaty.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

First, I’d put on my red, white or pink (holiday appropriate colors!) Polar Heart Rate Monitor and get my sweat on! A good run {or weight lifting session} always leaves me feeling amazing. I feel stronger, healthier, my endorphins are kicking, and I’ve burned calories. That’s the good stuff right there.

2. ♥ A massage.

Trigger Point The Grid Pink Foam Roller

My muscles would be calling out for some tender loving care. But I’m not shelling out $80 for a massage via a masseuse when I can torture massage myself for free! Time to make it hurt so good and roll out the kinks with my Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller. I have this pink one and it kneads me. That’s nice that something does. Haa.

3. ♥ Hugging & squeezing.

Running Skirts Compression Socks Pink

After an intense massage, why stop there? It is Valentine’s Day afterall. For a little extra something-something, I’d like to be hugged and squeezed in all the right places. Chances are–that’s my legs y’all. I’d quickly don these Running Skirts Compression Socks and begin to feel the love.

4. ♥ A heart-healthy dinner.

Sizzlefish Fish

It’s not Valentine’s Day without a swanky dinner. My swank will have to be a meal for one, which in this case Sizzlefish would be perfect! Individually portioned pieces of very heart-healthy, good-for-me-fish. Mmmph! Yeah, I’d have to do the cooking, but I trust the cook and she’s pretty awesome.

5. ♥ CARBS.

Rogue Valentines Day Beers

Uhh, so yeah–by carbs, I straight up mean beer. I love beer. Runners need carbs. I’m a runner. I need beer. If it has a Valentine’s Day theme like this Rogue Beer does, that’s even more fine and dandy with me. Cheers.

6. ♥ Dessert.

Ryan Gosling waiting at the finish line

Oh, my bad. That’s not dessert. That’s Ryan Gosling*.

Yup. I already said I didn’t want any dang chocolate. My “dessert” would be my new runner boyfriend man candy. Which, umm, leads to getting hot & sweaty, part 2. This sesh will not involve the heart rate monitor though. 😉

So….any fellow single runners out there? What would you get yourself on this lovely Valentine’s Day?

*Oh, and if you’re single and you look like Ryan Gosling, FYI: I’m a runner and have great stamina. Call me.

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