A sweaty affair, the {Running} Joneses, & my first vlog!

I’ve been having an affair.

I can blame it on my RunKeeper app I just downloaded. I can blame it on having no more episodes of Murder, She Wrote to watch on Netflix. I can blame it on wanting to have better backgrounds in my post-workout pictures.

Whatever I attribute it to, I have been cheating on my treadmill. Yes, me. Me, who is forever indebted to the MANY pounds that machine helped me shed. Me, who owes my life to that machine which helped me get fit when I was too embarrassed to venture into the outside world with my larger frame. Me, who doesn’t like to run outside.

Let’s get this straight. I am still hella pro-treadmill. Very much so. And I still, absolutely with every cell in my body, DESPISE, LOATHE, DETEST the use of the word “dreadmill.” When someone uses it, just know I am mentally slapping them in the mouth. Even if Ben Roethlisberger used it {and yinz know my crazy love of that man}, I’d want to slap his mouth, too. Can’t stand the term–it’s just my personal feeling about it people, eh.

So I packed up my snacks…

…and I had a little chat with myself and decided that I could get over my fear/dislike of running outside if I would at least stick to a trail for now. 1.) Dogs (are supposed to be–Chapel Hillians, I’m talking to you–READ the trail rules!) are on leashes, which is the problem with running in my neighborhood–they’re not. 2.) The trees will keep my runs shaded and cooler–I’m NOT a 5am, 6am, 7am, or 8am runner–give me 10 or 11am ANY day. I like my sleep. 3.) The trails are gorgeous! I love spying a random babbling brook through the trees!

Again, I just recently downloaded the RunKeeper app for my phone. Since it wouldn’t pick up a signal or show any movement in my homegym, I was forced into the great outdoors. I loooove this app. Posting the results on FB/Twitter is holding me accountable and I like to look at the little maps and distances I covered. Hey, whatever works!

Oh, and let’s just focus on the distance, please, mmkay, thank you. 7.63 is pretty darn good for me!

The time? Ehhh, the time. I’m just not fast. If you’re an elite runner and you’re looking at this, you may be thinking you have a pet turtle that runs faster than I do. Of course you’d never say it to me, right? 🙂 All I see all over Twitter and Facebook are all my runner cohorts talking about SPEED. “I ran 4 miles in 31 minutes this morning at 5am!” or “It only took me 1:50 to run my first half marathon!

That’s awesome. It really is. May I one day get that speedy. But right now, I’m not. I’m just not. I’m a slow runner and I OWN that. Because in the end, I’m still a runner. I ran 7+ miles yesterday. I couldn’t run for 7 minutes last year at this time without needing to stop and take a break. I have to get myself to understand that and realize how amazing it is.  “Look at how far you’ve come, girlie! Look at what you’re doing and live in this awesome moment. Do you realize you’re doing something you told yourself you could NEVER do?! Something every single gym teacher made fun of you for and also told you could never do?! Focus on that!”

It’s taking some major convincing to get that to stick in my head. Try as I might to stop it, the comparison game always manages to creep into my psyche at the worst possible times. Yesterday, on my run on the trail, it was BAD. The saga of Keeping up with the {Running} Joneses happened again.

I know I lost 80lbs. I’m finally at a good point where I feel proud of my healthy, fitter, slimmed down body. So why does every bit of that pride disappear when I’m running in Chapel Hill? Ohhh, it’s because oh-so-many tiny female UNC early-twentysomething students come bebopping down the trail so effortlessly. I pause my iPod. ARE THEY EVEN BREATHING? No huffing and puffing–unlike me. And as they breeze past me, no trace of a gross, stinky, sweaty odor! THEY SMELL LIKE FLOWERS, SUNSHINE AND STRAWBERRIES ALL MIXED TOGETHER! I reek. THEY LOOK LIKE RUNNERS. I just look, tired.

Love these little mile marker signs!!

But somewhere along the run, as the .8 mile turns into a 5K and the 5K turns into a 10K and that 10K ends up being a 7.63 run, I remember that no matter what I look like, I’m still OUT THERE. I’m still running my crazy beating heart out. I’m RUNNING period. That’s all that matters. I don’t need to look like a little blonde 20 year-old-anyway. I’m a sexy, curvaceous, 34-year-old black woman and I look good. 🙂

Okay, maybe not good in this video below though, haha. I’ve been taking cues from our awesome Fitfluential {I’m an Ambassador!} CEO, Kelly Olexa, and attempting to vlog. This is my first attempt. Bear with me…Oh–and after 6 years of being in NC, I hear I’m starting pick up a Southern accent now?? Say it ain’t so! It’s fine and dandy if you want one, but I want to keep my Pittsburgh accent!!!

Did you see that sweat? At my turtle speed, I must have been doing something right. 😉
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What are your favorite running apps? How do you get over mental running hurdles? Do you vlog?

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  • I do not vlog as I never wear makeup or do my hair. I’ll leave youtube to my kitties. 😉 I don’t use running apps either and most of the time just wing it. I occasionally use my Garmin, but lately I’ve been happy without it. And, regardless of how fast, you are a RUNNER. If they let people start marathons early because they are mostly walking it, then clearly you are not disqualified to be a runner. So there. 🙂

    • Haha, I’m the type that won’t go to my mailbox without having my make-up on/hair done. So doing this vlog whilst sweaty and a mess was a big step! 😀 And you are very right–I’m a runner regardless!

  • Ok so I read my first Runner’s World magazine and loved it, also felt a little/ a lot inadequate as a runner… I thought I was doing awesome running 4+ miles for the first time in my life!! I think that has to do with the fact I don’t have a ton of “runner” friends… anyhow, after reading through it I tried real hard not to get discourage knowing that it is written for all different runners and that I can only get better… thank you for sharing how you compare yourself at times… totally do the same thing and it is soooo defeating!!! Anyways, have a great weekend and thank you for the always real/ encouraging post 🙂

    • And thank you as always for making me feel like someone out there gets what I’m saying! 😀

      That was definitely my feeling when I first started reading Runner’s World. I didn’t know what half of the lingo meant, and I felt that having at most run only three miles, and not without taking MAJOR walking breaks in between those miles, I was just not worthy. I wasn’t really a runner. I wanted to be, but heck, who was I kidding?! Now I see that it was for me, and it helped me learn what I needed to become a better, stronger, safer runner. You ARE doing awesome with those 4+!!! Have a great weekend too!

  • That running app looks really cool! Keep on running sis! 😉

  • I only use the pedometer that I downloaded and the c25k app. I log my workouts into beachbody.com and fatsecret.com. I get alot of inspiration from blackgirlsrun.com as they have all levels (I think they have a Chapel Hill chapter) and from my beachbody buddys.
    Just remind yourself of last yr and how you couldn’t do even 7min. Keep a pic of yourself from the begining of your journey on your phone and look at it when ever you doubt yourself.
    Think of all your readers who read your progress and can sooooooooooooooo relate. 🙂

    • Thanks! I definitely do all of that–I do have a lil self doubt at first, but then I come back stronger looking at how far I’ve come along. 🙂 Ohhhh, yes, that “before” picture is front and center on my phone!!

  • Love the video 🙂 Looks like a nice run outside. Do you like the honey stinger waffles? I never tried them before.

    • Thank you!! I do like them–they have different flavors, but I’ve only tried the one pictured. They have strawberry and chocolate, too!

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  • I totally know what you mean about all of those fast runners, and around here where I live there are lots of little pretty blonde women who always look perfect in their gym clothes and even when they are running. I look like crap when I run! And I am slow! But, for me it is the process and not the product. I am like that in many areas of my life, I like to do the learning and the training, and the end result isn’t that important to me. I would rather be able to run 13.1 miles slowly, than 1 mile quickly. And by the way, to me, sweaty does not equal gross! It equals hard work and dedication. No more “sweaty and gross”.

    • Haha, thanks–sweaty does equal hard work and dedication!! But also to me, I am pretty gross at the same time–It’s just my thing and I’m okay with it! 😉

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