Believing and Bringing Home the Bling: The Tar Heel 10 Miler!

Well, it’s safe to say, “Cherie {still} Runs This.”

I bet you were wondering for a while there, though. It’s true–since December, my new found love of lifting weights has taken over. And that’s right around the last time that I seriously went on a run. I dropped out of my first marathon-to-be; I wanted to rather spend my time lifting and building the physique I so greatly desire {which I spent pretty much all of 2012 wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ would come from endless amounts of cardio through running–it did not, it will not.}

So I, this admittedly former cardio queen turned iron maiden was about to drop out of the next race on my schedule–The Tar Heel 10 Miler. But then I saw this:
tarheel ten miler medal 2013 on fb
I sure do like pretty, shiny race bling. It was right there on their Facebook page staring back at me. I had to have it. And the only way to get it was to suck it up and run 10 miles.

Now, I know when I ran my first half marathon last November, I said I would never “wing it” again where a race longer than a 5K was concerned. Those of you who have followed my blog since the beginning know that I say I’ll never do something and then I sometimes end up doing it anyway. Yes, yes, that’s how I roll. What ev. So here I was, about to have to wing 10 miles and again, really had my last run-run back in December. Oy vey.

Okay–and let me stop you right there. If you are like this girl:
I have a few words to say to you as I said to her. She wrote this on my Facebook blog fan page. You can read the whole thread if you like. I was nice enough to cross her name and picture out here, but I left it up on my FB page. Hey, once you put it on the internet, it’s fair game… My response to her, as it is to you if you feel this way, is that I am in great shape. I work out 6 days a week and get a lot of cardio work done on the Arc Trainer. No, it’s not the same as running, but I still get it in after I do my weight training sessions. Also, and please pay close attention, I ONLY DO WHAT I BELIEVE I CAN HANDLE. I am not idiotic enough to put myself through 10 miles of running if I didn’t think I could do it. NOT for the sake of a dang medal. Annnnnnd, when I say I’m doing something, please do not assume that I’m telling YOU to do it. I can only speak for Cherie! Gosh, I hate disclaimers. But since some people just don’t get it, think I’m speaking for them and about them, and have to get all high and mighty with me, I have to say it. You know I don’t back down from a “discussion.” 😉

Enough of that.

So once I realized that I am in pretty darn good shape, and was still hemming and hawing about my abilities to run my second half marathon, coming up on May 5, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon half, I decided to test myself with the Tar Heel 10 this past Saturday.
tarheels shirt and knee highs
I went to a cheap store in Chapel Hill and found a UNC t-shirt and some knee highs to match. {No, I didn’t already have them–I’m only concerned with the Pittsburgh Steelers–no other sports teams matter.} I will say I thought errrryone would have the same knee highs. How cool were they?! Especially since errrrryone in this town is Tar Heel/Carolina/UNC crazy. But nope. It was like no one knew these socks existed–they were quite the hit! At least eight people stopped me mid-run to ask where I got them!

On Friday during my lunch break, I headed over to University Mall to the expo to pick up my packet.
tarheel ten miler packet
Look at that! My name was on the bib. This is the first time I’ve had one like that, so I thought it was cool. Haa.
tarheel ten miler me on stairs_
I woke up bright and early on Saturday {and so did hubby…haha, he was thrilled} so we could secure our parking spot and get inside the Kenan Stadium on UNC’s campus by 6:15 am. The runners for the 10 mile race would start and finish inside the stadium–neat! We waited in the stands until it was time for me to line up and hubby to be on his way. {He works at UNC so he knows his way around and surprised me by popping up at different mile markers along the route to take my picture!}
tarheel ten miler group shot at start_
And we’re off!

I’ll just say first off that Chapel Hill lives up to its name. There were a lot of them and the treacherous Lauren Hill. But I’m proud of myself. I ran the whole time, except for Laurel Hill. No need to be a hero! Oh, I also took a potty break around mile 8 and only stopped when hubs showed up to take my picture or I grabbed a sip of Gatorade at an aid station. Otherwise, I kept on the move.

But walking is totally okay!
But walking is totally okay!

The difference between this 10 mile race and my first half marathon was that I was not ashamed to walk when/if I needed to. I don’t know why I had to be all macho for my first big race. Not this time!
keeping up with the joneses
And most of y’all know I am a slow runner and ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY okay with that. I don’t care about PRs, keeping up with the Running Joneses, or being FAST. I run, period. I am proud of me and my accomplishments and the fact that I’m out there period! So yeah, the usual runner questions of “How long did it take you? What was your time? Did you PR? What was your goal? What was your pace?” DRIVE ME NUTS. Just let me run and be happy with that!

Okay, so here are some pics of me running along the way. Hubs did a great job snapping my pics and catching me in action!
tarheel ten miler running down franlin st_
tarheel ten miler stopping to wave_
tarheel ten miler on course two_
tarheel ten miler posing with drinks_
tarheel ten miler running towards finish_

Look at Rameses checking me out, haha!
Look at Rameses checking me out, haha!

tarheel ten miler polar ft4_
My official time in case ya just have to know:
Gun time: 2:10:54
Chip time: 2:07:44
Pace: 12:46
Laurel Hill: {it had its own split} 11:11 {I walked it!}
NIke GPS Tarheel ten miler
tarheel ten miler the socks_
Thank you Mizunos for getting me through those hilly 10 miles!
TarHeel 10 Miler_after race_4.20.13_
All smiles at the end–I had a great time! {And yes, I cut the tee to make a tank. I do that a lot!}
tarheel ten miler medal 2013_
And I got my pretty, blingy medal! 😀

Okay, so it was a totally fabulous race and I’m soooooo glad I stopped hemming and hawing and believed that I could do it! Yes, oh yes, I’m a wee bit sore today, but nothing a little foam rolling, ice and massage won’t fix. Yup, I still run this! But I am most certainly counting down the minutes until I can get in the gym and lift weights tonight… 😉 Haa.


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  • Great job on your race!
    Natalie recently posted..That moment…My Profile

  • “and the treacherous Lauren Hill. ”
    – Indeed! I’ve heard rumours about her…

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist picking at you, Cherie. 😉
    As I stated on FB, you have every reason to be proud. I still have never done a race of any kind, in all my years. I’ve considered it, but I’m such a private person/exerciser generally.
    I’ve talked to you about needing to step outside of my comfort zone more, though. This race looks super fun. Maybe I’ll do this one next year. I’d love to see see you there!

    • Haha, it’s fine Karen! 🙂 And the hill wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t run 8 miles right before it. Otherwise, I don’t think it was too scary. It was good to power walk it and I’m definitely feeling it in my hamstrings this morning! The race was a great time! I stayed in my own little world unless someone asked me about my socks; I think it’d be great for you!! 😀

  • Great Job Girlie!!!!

  • Go girl!! Love your confidence 🙂

  • CONGRATS on your 10-miler, Cherie! You did a great job and you have the bling to prove it! You believed and you achieved! Girl, you know I had my half the next day and like you, I kept saying to myself: my pace, not theirs! And I stopped and sipped my water two times like it was fine wine…I was very cautious for my first race in almost 2 years! So I think we were on the same wave length! But I didnt have someone to take those FABULOUS pics you had to share! Again, congrats and PGH Half look out for Cherie! You run and rock!

  • Girl, I don’t know how I didn’t spot you at this race with all that (cute) UNC gear on! Glad you had a good time. I totally agree about the medal…I love it (and I’m a Duke fan!)!
    Rose @ RoseRunsSlow recently posted..BostonMy Profile

    • Haha, I thought everyone (well, the UNC fans) would be all decked out, haha!! Yeah, I’m not even into the Tar Heels that much but I had to have that little medal–so adorable!

  • Great job, sis! And most importantly, you had fun! 🙂

    Brownie points to Mark for taking pics along the way, lol.

  • Congrats on the ten miles.

    A just told me about your website. Thanks for the encouragement to keep running my race at my pace.
    Jess recently posted..What Are Six Pack Abs?My Profile

  • How do you look so pretty after your race?? Girl, I look like death run over after a 45 min spin class!!

    • Haha, well thank you Pam! I tend to be a back sweater and not a face/head sweater, so I guess that doesn’t mess with me too much for frontal pictures, haha! 😉

  • Thank you Beka!! Yes, yes, I always run my own race and block all else out! 😀

  • Haha, exactly! 😉 Thank you!

  • I ran the Tar Heel 10-Miler too! We must have been close to each other because I passed the guy in the hot pink shorts/lime green shirt get up in the back of your first picture a couple times! Congrats on finishing! It was a really fun race and those medals were awesome! I was so excited to get mine!
    Lea @ Greens & Coffee Beans recently posted..Tar Heel 10-MilerMy Profile