Birthday Recap: Beer, Freebies, Food & Cake!

However you choose to look at it, my birthday was either 3 days ago, or it was last year and is now 364 days away {thanks, Leap Year}. Anyhoooo, since my cake is still fresh and edible, I’m going with the 3 days ago thing and doing a pictorial recap. If you read my post the other day, you pretty much know what I was going to do, but here are the pictures capturing it all!

Before we left the house, hubby snapped a photo of me in my birthday outfit. Yes, that’s a pink ribbon saying “Birthday Girl.”

These Anthropologie shorts are like, my fave things evahhhh!

Again, I’m still amazed at how different I look from last year on my birthday!

After we left the house, our first point of destination was the Red Oak Brewery. Yummmm…beer. 😛

Red Oak Brewery

Red Oak Brewery
Haha, so true.
Red Oak Brewery
Hubby, not double-fisting--just holding my brew.

After the tour, and sampling the deeelicious brewskis, we headed over to Sephora to get my free birthday gift.

The sales associate gave me not one, but TWO bottles of the Happy Birthday, Beautiful from Philosophy. She said she had extra and since I came in on my actual birthday, she’d give me another one. Score! This stuff smells like the most amazing cake ever!

After a few other random errands, and a quick pitstop at home, we then headed to Chapel Hill for dinner. Destination: Talullah’s–amaaaazing.

Talullahs Chapel Hill NC

Talullahs Chapel Hill NC
We had the coziest little, tucked away booth!
Talullahs Chapel Hill NC
Talullahs Chapel Hill NC
Dinner. I can't even pronounce the Turkish words for it...but it was great!

We were full and happily delighted. I forgot my coupon for a free birthday drink at Caribou Coffee, so we went home to have some there…along with my mystery cake that hubby made and decorated for me. I was excited to finally see it…

Pittsburgh Steelers Birthday Cake
Is this not the cutest cake ever?! There's even a little Ben Roethlisberger on it!!

I wasn’t sure what the theme would be, but I figured it was a toss up between fitness and Steelers, lol. I’m happy with how it turned out! So cute AND delicious!

So that’s it. Thanks for taking a little stroll with me down birthday lane! Any big birthday plans or surprises for you or yours this year?

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