Dick’s Pittsburgh Marathon: I’m a Charity Runner for Our Clubhouse!

If you read my blog and have been following my journey, most of you know that one of the two reasons it exists is because of what my mother’s last words to me were as she lay dying from cancer in June 2009. So obviously, without a doubt, cancer, and those affected by it, is a HUGE deal to me. It changed my life.

Mommy and me

I had planned to sit down and write this post yesterday, as I knew my Steelers were out of the playoffs { 🙁 } and I’d have the time, which then coincidentally became the very same day the world lost a great man and sportscaster, Stuart Scott.

Stuart Scott quote You beat cancer by how you live

Stuart Scott quotes

He bravely battled cancer THREE times and finally passed away yesterday morning at the age of 49. After crying and watching hours of tributes to him on ESPN and then searching the web to learn more about his life, I finally got back to this post.

Pittsburgh Marathon races

I knew long ago I was going to run the Dick’s Pittsburgh Half Marathon this May. The 5K was my first race ever, back in 2012, and then I proceeded to run the half marathons in 2013 and 2014. Back then I was living in North Carolina and always planned my yearly trips back home to Pittsburgh around this race, so you KNOW I couldn’t miss it now that I’m living here again!

Our club house race

I was about to register as a regular old runner, but then found out about Our Clubhouse. If I ran as a charity runner for them, I’d raise money and feel like I was running for a purpose for once; not just to see the streets of Pittsburgh, collect a shiny medal and snap selfies afterward. I’d be exhausted as usual after the half, but this time I would FEEL GOOD at the same time.

This will be my FIRST TIME running as a Charity Runner!! So why Our Clubhouse? They are dedicated to their mission of offering social, emotional, and informational support to those in our region touched by cancer. They have a passion for helping those living with or beyond cancer, as well as those caring for them. Our Clubhouse provides networking and support groups, workshops, education and social activities and all of the activities are offered to their members at NO cost and membership is free. << Wish I had known about them back in 2009!! Learning of my mother’s cancer, seeing her go through it, then her death and the weeks, months, and years of trying to deal with it all afterwards–support is crucial!!

So, as a Charity Runner for Our Clubhouse, I’m an advocate for their mission. It’s my job to spread the word and do my best to raise funds so they can KEEP offering these amazing services.

Dick's Pittsburgh Marathon Our Club House Charity Runner

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Thanks for asking! 🙂 Yup, here it is–I’m asking for a donation. You know I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER asked for money or any sort of payment, money, donation, or anything for the five years of tips, advice, coaching, counseling, responding to your many emails, messages, questions, etc.– I’ve done it all for free. Never asked you to buy an e-book, click on a ‘donate’ button on my page, or wire me money through Paypal for online question answering. Yes, it took A LOT of time to respond to you, but I did it. 🙂 All of my services and time were free to you–some of you asked, “How can I repay you? How can I thank you?” I said nope, nothing! I never once accepted anything. But THIS–this means the world to me. So, if you really want to know what to do if you truly felt like I helped you in some way over the years and you really meant it when you said you wish you could do something for me in return–it’d be this—A donation to Our Clubhouse to help me reach my goal. And here is my page where you can donate! I have to raise a total of $350. Even if you donate a dollar, much like eating right and exercising, it all adds up!! So, PLEASE help me out, help out Our Clubhouse and donate if you can! 🙂

Wait–how do I donate? Again, it’s –> Right here!

Thank you all so much!!!


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