Fried Chicken Ninja.

This past Tuesday, I arrived at work at the unheard hour {for me, anyway} of 5:30 for inventory {which in my book is a dirty word}. I was sooooo proud of myself for avoiding these two trays from Chick-fil-A.

I did partake in some of the coffee but I accompanied it with a protein bar. Everyone kept saying, “Look at Cherie. Such dedication to withstand the chicken biscuit!! I don’t know how she does it.” Again, so proud.

I couldn’t wait to get done counting everyfrigginiteminthestore so that 2 o’clock would hurry up and arrive so I could go running. “Oh yeah, I’m a badass,” I thought. “Not only did I skip the chicken biscuits, I’m going to go run 4 miles outside after work instead of going home to sleep. I’m really, really proud!”

What’s that they say? Pride comes before the fall. Yup.

I changed in my cute workout attire, but not only did I not go running at 2pm, I went to a bar with coworkers and had beer after beer. Then, soooooo hungry for munchies, stopped at the drive thru of, wait for it…………. Chick-fil-A …….. and ordered a value meal!!!  Big ‘ol spicy chicken sandwich WITH waffle fries. INHALED IT.

Are you effin’ kidding me, Cherie? Yeah, wow. Just wow.

I obviously could not do a thing once I got home {OUT. OF. COMMISSION.} and was in bed for the night, on a crazy full stomach, by 7pm.

Le sigh. My pride is now in check, thank you. I managed to stop patting myself on the back long enough to type this post, haa. As I wrote the other day, I’m totally all about having a cheat meal when I plan for it. This one obviously snuck up on me like a ninja. It could have been the beer, the peer pressure, the sunny summer-like weather, but somehow I didn’t think {or care that} the calories would count. Okay, yeah, it was probably the beer. I did make up for it on Wednesday. I continued on with my 5K training plan, logged my 3 miles and returned to things as normal.

But I think I was supposed to run 4? Ugh. Time to go get on that and then some!

He's cute. But still a ninja and not to be trusted.

Has a food ninja ever attacked your best laid plans?

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  • I know its a blow to pride when you’re trying so hard to be diligent about eating clean, but splurges happen. And be honest – were the laughs at the happy hour more important than resisting the Chic Fil A? Usually, the good times are way more to be happy about than resisting a “naughty” meal.

  • None of that is so bad and like you said you allow yourself a splurge each week. You just had yours earlier than planned. I had to laugh though that Dick’s provided unhealthy choices instead of something really healthy.
    Keep on keeping on Cherie your doing it.

    • Had I only had one splurge this week, I’d be more calm, lol. But I worked out so I’m feeling pretty darn okay now! Haha, yeaaaah, they always have the unhealthiest of treats in the breakroom. As I said in an earlier post, I think I’m one of the few that cares about fitness/healthy stuff in the store!

  • Sometimes a little extra splurge is okay. Plus, it could have been way worse. You didn’t order and inhale an entire pizza on your own. As far as splurging (even if it’s an extra splurge), Chick-Fil-A is probably the best place for it. Ha!

    • Two splurges this week is it. I plan to be very good the rest of the week! 🙂 Oh at least run a little more. Balance, balance!

  • Love the attitude as usual…so positive. It happened, you build a bridge and get over it since it cannot be undone! You did your part…you continued with your workouts and didnt go into a workout slump…it is ok. We all have our vulnerable moments.

    • Thanks! Yes, that’s what took me a long time to understand. One bad {or two} meal doesn’t mean, throw my hands up in the air and say, “Oh well, I messed it all up now. I’ll just stop for good. Screw it.” That definitely used to be my mentality! I just get back on the horse {or treadmill} and keep on keepin’ on!