Group running: I’m a fan now.

The past two Saturdays, I ran with other human beings and I actually enjoyed it.

This was a special moment, as y’all know how I most enjoy my running solo because it’s my “me” time. I get lost in my thoughts, rock out to my tunes, and don’t have to worry about slowing anybody down. I do my own thing with me, myself, and I.

Well, as I vowed to do at the beginning of this year, I have decided to be more “sociable” in many aspects of my life. I usually have my walls up where meeting new people is concerned, but that way of being is not going to help me meet any new friends or potential new suitors. So along with being more friendly, making eye contact and smiling at the gym and not scowling at random men who attempt to strike up a conversation with me in my daily activities, I also made good on joining a running group.

Not overjoyed to be up early, but I'm managing.
Not overjoyed to be up early, but I’m managing.

morning running lake

I’m getting to see parts of Durham and Chapel Hill on foot, that’d I’d otherwise miss while driving in my car.

This yellow Nike hoodie was in my closet for two years, tags still on it.
I like to bundle up with cute hats when I run.
I like to bundle up with cute hats when I run.

I’m getting to don outfits that I’ve had in my closet for a while that aren’t necessarily suitable for the treadmill/indoors.

HUGE potluck breakfast after yesterday’s run. Man, I could’ve gone buck wild!!!
But I went with a lot of fruit. Okay, and two donut holes & an Oreo. Haa.

I’m able to bypass not-so-good for me foods and make better choices. After I do all that running, I just want to fuel up with some clean eats!

prerun post run

I feel confident again and am all smiles post-run. Tired and sweaty, but still smiling.

polar heart rate monitor

And boy does it feel good to have such a burn…peace out, calories!

prerun fleet feet
Fellow runners hanging out in Fleet Feet before we went running!

It’s also nice to be around people that have common interests. I’m either at work all day–and no one gives a doggone about my running there–or I’m at the gym lifting weights–and it’s not really a chit-chatty kind of a time.

I’m trying to make some peace in my life again between running AND weights, by the way. I want them to live harmoniously together in my ‘lil fitness world. I just need to plan it all out better. Last year, I took a big break from running so much so that I could focus on weights. I loved, loved, loved the weight-lifting, but running was still in my heart somewhere. With better scheduling, they can both serve a place in my healthy life. And have me looking pretty awesome, haha..

So yes, I am now a fan of running with people. I still enjoy my solo time, but so far, a lot of good has come out of it. I know I said I’d never be a fan of such a thing, but I’m coming around. Again, life has taught me to never say what you’ll never do. 😉

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  • Awesome Cherie!!! Glad you are open to change. Potlucks definitely help, too. 😉 If we are ever in the same state soon, we should definitely run, or maybe even find a PA group when home. Love your open attitude.

  • Good for you, Cherie enjoying your group run! Look at is not just good personally, but a professional networking opportunity! You never know who you will meet and become a part of your inner circle! Job well done.

    Love the box idea, too! Who doesn’t love to see what’s in the box?!!!!!!! Smile.

  • Two things: 1) Go girl on continuing with the group runs! I’ve just recently started running outdoors (treadmill rat for consistency for just over a year now) and happy to report I didn’t die or fall down! How do the group runs work? Do you group up by “pace” like you do for races? 2) Tell me more about your GPS watch. I’m in the market for one, but don’t have $300 to drop on the fancy ones – do you have recs or what to look for?
    Thank you for sharing your journey and being an encourager! I wish there was someone with your training philosophy near me!

  • Cherie! Awesome! Glad to see running getting more time on your busy schedule. 🙂 I stuggle with fitting both lifting & running into my schedule as well. Funny about the never say never things! I’ve done that so many times! You would think we’d learn but it always seems to come around and get us. Good on you for being able to embrace something new and fun! 🙂 Know that you are awesome and bring a great persona to any event you attend! Enjoy! 🙂