Can Exercise Complement Cancer Treatment?

Here’s a first–I have a guest blogger! It’s not that I purposely chose to not have any before this time, but it’s also that I never put much thought into it. I dunno, I suppose I just like to babble away on my own blog and go with it.

But a few days ago a reader named Melanie Bowen contacted me to ask if she could serve as a guest blogger to speak a topic she’s very passionate about: Cancer.

That's Mommy & me in say, 1982ish. :-) We were a sassy, stylish pair from day one.
That’s Mommy & me in say, 1982ish. 🙂 We were a sassy, stylish pair from day one.

That was the magic word for me. As you know, or may not know, my mother passed away from cancer on June 8, 2009. {Now some of you know where a huge chunk of my weight gain came from! I tried to eat the pain away.} A part of me died along with her that day. I’ve never been the same since. When your mother dies, it’s a whole different world you’re left to live in–without her. I would have given ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING to make her better. {She was diagnosed in only in March of that year so it was a very short period of time to adapt and deal.}

Would exercise have helped her in any way? I started to wonder that once Melanie sent me this piece to review and post here. It’s too late for me to find out, but if it could help someone else in anyway, I’m all for it.

Please read, learn, and share with anyone you know fighting this fight…

how exercise can complement cancer treatment

How Exercise Can Complement Cancer Treatment

Many people are dealing with cancer and other forms of illnesses every single day. It
is amazing to know that exercise can actually help to strengthen your body and
boost your mood when you’re feeling low. If you have mesothelioma and are
undergoing treatment or even if you just got diagnosed with breast cancer, you can
improve the quality of your life by exercising regularly. First, you’ll probably want to
know why exercise is so beneficial and what it can do for you if you workout on a
regular basis each week.

Exercise helps the body both physically and emotionally. When it comes to physical
benefits, working out boosts your immune system and strengthens bones. This is
great for cancer patients who tend to feel weak and sick all of the time because of
their chemotherapy sessions. When it comes to emotional and mental benefits,
exercise provides the body with endorphins that make you feel good. Just think of
the last time you worked out and how great you felt after the exercises were done.
Now think of these feelings while undergoing cancer treatment and how beneficial
they can be for your current state of health and well-being.

Because you have cancer and are undergoing treatment, you cannot just get up and
start any old workout program out there. You need to speak with your doctor to get
some advice and suggestions for the best possible regimen specific to you. Your
doctor might tell you to avoid working out altogether to prevent injury or they may
give you a specific exercise to do a certain number of times a week. The amount you
exercise really depends on your state of health and how you are currently feeling at
the moment. You should never force your body to workout if you’re feeling too tired
or weak.

Many people don’t realize entirely how beneficial exercise can be for them when
they have cancer. Working out is definitely not a miracle cure for cancer, but it is the
perfect complement to your treatment so that your body is able to fight and become
stronger. Between feeling more energized, boosting your immune system and
having a brighter outlook on life, it really is no wonder that so many cancer patients
regularly partake in exercise. Working out isn’t only suited for active young people, it
can be adapted and beneficial for everyone’s daily life.

Thank you Melanie! I enjoyed it and hope this can help someone out there!