I’m not creepy. I just need a picture for my blog.

As luck would have it, thanks to finally hanging up my piles of clothing that I talked about yesterday, I found my new camera! Technically, I bought it in February 2010. But since it hadn’t been used, it is new to me! And what perfect timing–I’m about to go on a weekend roadtrip to DC and Pittsburgh and can’t wait to document my trip with fun pictures!

polaroid digital camera
So cute and pumpkiny!

There’s even some kind of cool feature that let’s you set what the object is of the picture you’re taking, such as text, running/sports or food.

Such detail!

Look at the clarity of my biscuit! (And yes, I gobbled down two of them. They were 300 calories worth of my dinner last night and I’m not apologizing. I’ll work it off, haha!) I didn’t know inexpensive digital cams like this had such features, so that’s why I’m so excited! I’m also excited because now I should never have blurry photos again! Such as the paparazzi pictures I took of kd lang:

kd lang paparazzi #1
kd lang paparazzi #2
kd lang paparazzi #3

I swear I’m not a crazy creeper stalker! This was back in 2008 and she was performing here in Chapel Hill. I happened to be sitting in my car in the Whole Foods parking lot and there she was. (Ok, so she was in line in front of me and I quickly followed her outside, covertly of course! Hey, I needed a picture!) My camera wasn’t great then–obviously–but now imagine how clear these pics would be! Also, this brings up another item of discussion:

While I’m NOT a crazy creeper stalker, I do LOOK like one when taking necessary pictures for my blog or to post on Facebook. How do I get around this? How do you do it when trying to take one on the sly?

She wore this to a JOB FAIR. C'mon girl!
She grabbed her purse when she saw me waiting next to her. My blackness strikes again!
She was drunk and about to block the game. REALLY lady?!
My neighbor woke me up with his weed-wacking & even louder shorts.

See? All of these pictures were very necessary!! 😛 I just HAD to snap them. AND I had to do it quickly on the sly, so I couldn’t ask them first. I always make sure to keep their faces out of the pictures when doing so, though.

Cashiering outside at the drive-thru? Interesting....

This guy was different. I did ask him for a picture first. 🙂 I told him I had never seen a cashier working outside of Mickey Dee’s so I told him I needed to photo-document this moment. He said, “Okay.” Hahaha…

So yes, as I begin on the roadtrip today, I’m going to take a lot of pictures. Some will be totally out in the open and some will be creepy stalker paparazzi ones (which I have to admit are the most fun!). But again, if it’s for the sake of Cherie Runs This, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Do you ever feel shady, shifty or sketchy sneaking a pic for your blog?

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