One Happy Little Personal Trainer.

I’m just going to say it–In my wee old opinion, I think I was due for some awesomeness in my life lately. Between dealing with all of the “Hey, guess what, ‘I’m baaaaack, Signed, Depression” stuff taking front and center in my life, it was just time for some rainbows and sunshine.

This past weekend, I got my rainbows and sunshine!

You know that I’m a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, yes? Well, every two years, I have to take a continuing education class and a CPR/AED class to get recertified. If I let it lapse, I’d have to take the whole dang personal training class again and pay another lovely $700 or so. HECK NO. I wasn’t going to do that! I took my CPR/AED class back in June to cross that off the list.

cpr aed training class

I purchased the materials for my continuing ed class–I selected the Fitness Nutrition Specialist–back in March, but have had a Dickens of a time studying for it. Something always came up, I’d run out of time, not be able to study during the week, it was super sciency for my English major brain, etc, etc. Then when I was ready to crack down, The Big D came back and I lost all care and concern to do much of anything. To say I procrastinated is putting it lightly.

Near the middle of July, I came to that proverbial crossroads. I either had to buckle down and study, or else I let my certification lapse and eventually one day study to be a trainer again, knowing “one day” would never come.

nasm fitness nutrition specialist pic

I guess you could say I buckled down! I studied hardcore and then this past Saturday decided it was time to take the exam. You have 90 minutes to take the test, and with about 36 seconds left to spare, I submitted my answers. I PASSED!!!! 😀 I think it’s pretty awesome to have this nutrition knowledge in my head now and also some extra initials after my name: Cherie L. Steffen, NASM-CPT, FNS.

Next, I’ll be studying to be a NASM Senior Fitness Specialist. But I think I’ll take a lil break before I crack open that book. It’ll be nice to have the weekends to myself again…for a little while!
lululemon manifesto print

So after flying high on the awesomeness of passing that exam, I decided to take care of some long overdue business. I’d been hearing for a while now that fitness professionals got a discount at Lululemon. I’m pretty sure I’d been hearing this since I got my personal training cert in October 2011 actually. You know what’s crazy? Well, I know it’s crazy, but I still did it anyway–I was too embarrassed to go in there (or lots of places for that matter) and say “I’m a personal trainer.” Why? Oh you know–that same old, same old hang up that I’m not buff enough yet to LOOK like a personal trainer. Too bad–it was time to suck up those feelings and get on with it. {I will eventually, right? Sigh.} Obviously I let time pass and my obsession with Lululemon grow…well now, as a full-fledged drinker of the LuluLemonade, I knew I had to see if it was true.

lululemon research and development team

Yup–here it is on their site! I gathered my certification, my business card and my ID, and took it to my nearest store. Filled out a form, showed the associate my stuff and *BOOM* I’m part of the Research & Development Team {READ: I get 15% off my in-store purchases!!!!!!} That was definitely some major sunshine in my life. 😀 I was so happy I went in the store and did it!!!

athleta storefront

While I was at the mall, I decided to head over to Athleta for the same purposes. I had never really shopped there before until recently doing a review for my #ShareYourOM post. It’s pretty awesome as well! I gave them the same info and then *BOOM*–I can take part in their Fitness Professionals Discount of 30%! Holla!! #PowerToTheShe, indeed!


So now it’s Tuesday, the long Labor Day holiday is over and it’s back to the daily grind. But it was a pretty fabulous three day weekend simply for those three things if nothing else. ♥ Certifications & discounts = rainbows & sunshine in my world. Yup, this weekend, I was one happy little personal trainer. 😀

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