If it’s not one thing, it’s sciatica.


I feel good. Really good.

yellow and daisy
{Yeah, my mirror’s not dirty. They’re paint spots, okay? Haa.}

Well, except for a diagnosis of sciatica this past Tuesday.

Sweet baby goodness gracious, does that sh*t hurt. Sciatica stems from something else, and in my case, it’s stemming from the herniated lumbar disc. Yes, that same injury from June 2009. As I mentioned in my last post, or did I–I can’t remember, I reinjured it on the 4th of July when I bent over to pick up a VHS tape. Haha, lovely. For the past month, my right leg has been increasingly bothering me to the point of tears. As I sat at my desk on Tuesday breaking down in tears over the pain, I finally went to the doctor. Well, urgent care. I am currently a temp at my job, so I don’t have benefits or insurance and quite frankly let it get so bad because I knew I had no way to pay for a doctor, a medical bill, or meds. I thought it would just go away. Hahahahahaha.


No dice. In my attempts of ferociously getting back to the gym and to my “normal” self, I probably aggravated the leg more. Soooo…I’ve had to take 7-10 days off from my happy place, rest my leg, stretch, and foam roll.

foam rolling

Foam rolling is the devil, by the way.

But yes, yes. Except for this, and it too shall pass (I HOPE), I’m doing very well.

Aside from this little week and a half (again, I’m hoping) only, I’m back to my usual gym sessions,

gym selfie

gym selfie twoo
{Check out that sweat! Heck yeah!}

Eating clean,

fork to mouth

clean eats groceries

And yeah, having some treats. You’ll all know I say I’m not a health-bot and like to eat 80% clean & 20%…well, this. Haa.


Now, excuse my while I go deal with the Devil foam roller…;-) I’ve dealt with way bigger things than sciatica, so this will not beat me!