Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 Recap: Expo & Race!!

Pittsburgh Marathon Blogger

Here it is, my final post as an Official Blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon 2015!! So bittersweet, but I’m honored to have been part of an amazing group of people!! It was a fabulous experience and I hope to be lucky enough to do it again next year!

As my last post, this is a recap from start to finish–expo until crossing the finish line! And a whole lot of pictures. Here I go–enjoy!! {{Oh–and all you badasses who’ve run since Sunday, I’m amazed. I’m writing this while lying flat on my floor next to a space heater as I’m too sore to even sit up at my desk. Shakeout run???? Hahahaha. I’ve had the past two days off, still don’t have full capacity of my legs, and I’m happy to walk across my little 700 sq. ft. house to get to the bathroom without assistance. SORE AF. But still a fabulous day it was!! Okay, now, here I go…}}

I left work a few minutes early on the Friday before the race. First, I had to pick up my Official Bloggers gift bag since I wasn’t able to a few days prior, and then I had to go to the convention center to pick up my race packet at the expo.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ pittsburgh traffic to expo
I’m pretty sure everyone had the same idea. I say hands-down the worst part of race weekend is traffic/parking. By 2015 I was hoping to just beam myself where I need to go, but no such luck. Haa.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ expo
After a half hour and some parking garage fees later, I made it to the expo! It’s seriously one of my favorites ever. I had to capture the moment with a selfie, of course.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ expo selfie
After that, I headed to the VIP Booth to pick up my bib and packet.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ VIP booth
I’d never been a VIP before, but that was an Official Blogger perk. Woo hoo!!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ name on wall hot guy
After I got my swag, I wandered around the expo. Oh yeah–I needed to look for the Name Wall…but while I was standing there, I saw a hot guy so I took a picture of the back of him. No, I’m not creeper, lol. Just single and like man eye candy.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ name on wall
Okay, found my name! Very cool. Then I took a looksee at the merch they had available this year…
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ nike shirt white tank
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ nike shirt pittsburgh marathon
Ohhh, I like…
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ nike shirt 5 bridges
GAAAAHHHHH. I have to have this one!! There was a gift card in that Official Blogger bag so I was like, “Treat ‘yo self” and I did.

After I checked out, I figured I should mosey outside. It was a gorgeous day and I just wanted to stare at my city for a little while. I exited the balcony of the convention center and there was our local sports reporter from KDKA, Bob Pompeani, trying to do an interview. Of course I interrupted it. Ooops.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ expo bob pompeani kdka
But so worth it because I got this pretty shot of Pittsburgh. I was quiet. Whatev.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ pittsburgh skyline river
As I was heading out of the expo and ready to cross the street, there was someone calling my name. Now, often this weekend, people have called my name, but sometimes I don’t pay attention. Please see below:
pronounce Cherie
So yes, that’s how you say Cherie! If you don’t, I may not know you’re talking to me, people, hahahaha. I swear I’m not ignoring you; I just don’t know you’re calling out to me!

But anyhow, this time the chick saying my name was one of my college biffies from IUP, Jamie!! She had just driven up straight from NC and managed to catch me. Perfect timing!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ expo with jamie
We chatted for a bit, took pictures, and then said our good lucks and goodbyes!

I went home and relaxed for the rest of Friday.
Saturday was filled with errands and getting my stuff together and prepped. I went to bed at 8pm and woke up Sunday morning at 3am. Time to get ready!!!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ upon wake up
Before my sister came to pick me up at 4am so we could drive into the city, I took some pics. Aaacckk. I was nervous but excited. And ready to go back to bed. Y’all know I’m not Team Morning Workouts, lol. Morning is for sleeping in my opinion. But it was time to gooooo!!!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ parking garage
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ me with sissy
Once we got to the parking garage. My sister and I took pictures. After that, it was time to head to our usual waiting spot on Penn Avenue outside of McDonald’s. There, I ran into one of my high school classmates, Margarita!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ pre race with margarita
After that, I headed over to meet my fellow Charity Runners from Our Clubhouse so we could take pictures.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ our clubhouse runners
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ our clubhouse me joe nicolette
Then it was time to get into Corral D!! I stood in the corral looking around, talking to myself–a pep talk!–and then taking more pictures of course.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ coral d
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ coral d selfie
Then it was time to run!!!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ coral d selfie panic
Eeeeekkk!!! Now I’m thinking, “I probbbbbably should have trained for this…”
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ mile 11
I only managed to take a picture along the race here during Mile 11. By then, I was CRAZY sore and ready to feel my feet again. Hahaha, nope. Couldn’t really feel them at this point! My goal was to run up until Mile 10 and then do the best I could do, even if that was a power walk. Or just a walk. Maybe a stroll… So that’s what I think I was doing at this point, lol. After the huge hill after this bridge I was going to run to the finish, but an older man who said I had been pacing him (me a pacer?!!!!) wanted to finish with me and cross the line together. That was sweet. I obliged. We chatted and walked; walked and chatted. Once we had about a half mile to go, it was time to run again and take care of business. I don’t normally care about PRs/times as you know, but I wanted to finish this in less than three hours. I could see the clock from my vantage point and was like, “Dude, let’s goooooo! I’m going to make it!”
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ time
Hahaha, look at my time 2:59:59–just in the nitty gritty of sub 3 hours!!! Not bad for not training as I should have! 😀
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ after race with medal
I finished and snapped a selfie and grabbed my Smiley Cookie.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ smiley cookie
As I was walking to find my sister, I found Margarita again!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ post race with margarita
Then I found my sister posed for a post race photo.
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ post race with medal full shot
Pittsburgh Half Marathon #3 was in the books!
Pittsburgh Marathon 2015 _ me with smiley cookie
And then it was time to eat that cookie, head to the casino (tradition!), and reflect on the AMAAAAZING day. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!!!! Those who donated to Our Clubhouse making it possible for me to be a Charity Runner, those who organized everything for the Official Bloggers, those who put together the race, and the amazing people cheering us through the streets of Pittsburgh!! I’ll see yinz again in about 360+ days to do it all over! 😀

And now…let me go rest these legs some more…. 😛

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