Running, racing, shopping & moving!

Here I am a week post-first official half marathon and I’m feeling mostly great! Not that I didn’t think I would feel decent, but I’m paying such close attention to my body because of what I want am planning to do this spring if it allows me.

Tar Heel 10 Miler April 20, 2013

Nike Women’s Half Marathon April 28, 2013

Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon May 5, 2013

Whoa Nellie, that’s a lot of running three weeks in a row. At least for me it is. Hardcore ballers like Ericka and Dorothy would probably think nothing of this. Haa, blow it off like a lil dust on their shoulders. But for me and my less experienced racing legs/feet, this could be a doozie waiting to happen!

how to treat plantar fasciitis
Great article here from Running Shoes Guru! I’ve been adhering to these tips all week!

Without proper training that is. The only reason I’m only saying I’m mostly great a week later and not completely 100% back to normal is because I’m STILL having some sort of plantar fasciitis in my left foot. That’s the only bodily woe though. And it’s not from my shoes–those Mizunos treated me right! I do suspect it’s the major lack of miles I ran prior to the race. When you’ve only been running 3 or 4 miles three times a week and then suddenly bust out 13.1 it’s a slight shock to your system!!! Or in this case, a major shock to my feet.

So in the meantime this past week, while resting and tending to the bum foot, I’ve been preparing for dark/chillier weather running {can’t say cold since it’s not just yet!} and the next races.

I checked out and clocked a new route that I can run after work. It’s well lit and is exactly 3.1. miles. I’m going to miss my favorite trail, but it’s much too shaded and will be too dark at that time of the evening. I’m about to get some clip-on blinking lights but haven’t made it to the store yet. I did find this fabulous steal at Marshall’s though:

It’s a Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack and was only $12!! Woo hoo!! It fits great, has a little pocket, a bottle to keep me hands-free, and reflection! I’ve wanted one of these for a while but wasn’t about to shell out the almost $30. Now I don’t have to! While I was there, I got this beauty:

knitted head wrap
A knitted wrap! My head isn’t usually cold, but my ears are. This way, I can keep the ears covered and look stylish at theΒ  same time. πŸ˜€

Since I’ve been longing for a long sleeved shirt with thumbholes AND this one had been on my mind since before I ran a half marathon, it became my gift to myself for a job well done! I love Oiselle but had never broken down and ordered anything. Staying warm and celebrating my half mary seemed like good enough reason. πŸ˜€

And this shirt has nothing to do with staying warm, but it’s for my Tar Heel 10 Miler in April. Yes, I’m thinking of what I want to wear for an April race already, haa. I wouldn’t normally have been, but hubs and I were driving down Franklin Street {UNC’s Campus} on Friday night and I saw it in a store window. I went back on Saturday afternoon, braving the hordes of students, parents and visitors just getting out of the homecoming game to get it. One medium left and it was destined to be mine! I have a RUN PGH {Pittsburgh} shirt, so now I’m kind of collecting them!

Mugs. I do legitimately collect mugs. Can’t get enough of a good mug. So when I saw this one for $3, I was like, “Oh yes, you shall be mine.” It’s simple, spoke to me, and is very true. I also think it was telling me to do something I’ve been thinking about doing lately. But more on that later…

I’m MOVING!! But only in the form of regular to and being self-hosted. πŸ˜€ FINALLY!!! I’ve been wanting needing to make the change for a while and the time is now. It’ll be done by Ryan, who I hear is totally awesome, on Saturday. So if anything wonky is going on next weekend it’s because that’s what’s going down! My blog addy will still be the same he tells me. And yes, I had to ask him because I’m am the least technical, computery, IT-ish person ever and know nothing about self-hosting. Ohhh boy, this oughtta be fun! Haa.

Hope you all had a great weekend and a fabulous Monday! What are you looking forward to this week?

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  • I love the Oiselle tshirt!
    I’m sure you’ve tried this already, but if you use a golf ball to massage the sole of your feet it might help with the dreaded PF (just roll the ball under your feet while you are watching TV or sitting at your desk – it really works)

  • I love the shirt!!! Thumbholes rock!
    I want to do the Nike Women’s Half… has registration opened up? I hear it is a lottery…

    • Thanks Jacy! I heard it is a lottery!! As far as I know, registration is supposed to open this month!! That’s what I’ve been hearing!

  • YIKES! I’m getting nervous about getting into the Nike Women’s Half…. PLEASE let me know if you hear about registration opening up! Also, I’m super curious to hear what you think about moving to a .org…. let us know!

    • I hear you Holly! I’m nervous that I’ll even be able to do it if I get in.
      Darn lottery!! As far as I’ve been hearing, it’s supposed to open up in November! I’ll let you know about the .org. I’m sooooo not techy, but I’m going to do my best! Thank goodness I hired a professional; couldn’t do it on my own!

  • I’m planning to run the Nike Women’s half if I’m able to get in also. And I was looking at the Pittsburgh Rock N Roll Half.. I can’t wait to run my hometown of Pittsburgh…what a treat!

    • I’m all registered for the RnR Pittsburgh Half, too! It’s going to be a busy 2013, lol. You should do it! πŸ˜€