Oh My Gosh, Becky, Look at Her Butt & other Girlie Stuff.

May I just take a moment to tell you how amazing you all are for those comments on my last post?! If my coworker ever meets any of you in a dark alley anywhere, anytime, he’s going to have a serious situation on his hands, haha! Through my blog, text messages, Twitter, and Facebook, I received many suggestions as to what to do with him. Though I loved each and every one, to keep myself out of prison from being fired or something, I’m going to just stick to my guns on this one and use him as fuel for my weight loss journey!! 😀

I did have another discussion with another coworker today about that loose skin/leftover fat, and I was going to write about it now,  but I’ll save it for another post. It also had me burning up. Not in the same way, but still slightly peeved/smacking my head/sighing and rolling my eyes. Today though, I’m going to keep this post light and easy!

I woke up on Sunday ready to spring into action. I knew my planned workout for later that day was going to rock! {Again, I had the coworker jerkworker in mind…} The bed was all comfy and I could’ve stayed in it a while longer but then I looked down at my pants. “Should I get out of bed now?” They answered,

Just Do It! That’s right! So after admiring the race pants for a bit, I made it to the kitchen to whip up breakfast for me and the hubs.

I love coffee. I love it even more in a pretty mug.

After the breakfast settled, I high-tailed it to my home gym and got busy. The run finally went well! No ankle pain, no shin pain. I ran a 5K consisting of fartleks, lifted weights, used the power tower, and did abs work. Well, you know that saying, “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done”? That’s how I was feeling. I was tired a bit, but didn’t feel like I was quite done for the day. This was a perfect time to bust out the Top 5 Glute Exercises for that Bikini Bottom courtesy of Muscle & Fitness hers {March/April 2012}.

The beautifully fit Dianna Dahlgren is on the cover.

Ruth Harrison

Ruth Harrison is the model...now that is a butt!

Squats!! My FAVE!!!

I had to improvise a little with #3.

And I had to with these, too, lol. But it worked!

Once these were completed, I was DONE! I cleaned up and headed out for groceries. They were selling Girl Scout Cookies outside of Walmart, but I resisted! I couldn’t justify the cookies after I just worked so hard.

Then, as if being rewarded for being a good girl, I saw this display:

Girl Scout Cookie Lip Balm from Bonne Bell! Holla!! I had to do a little math in my head….$3.84 for lip gloss might mean less groceries…but I’d have to do it and make this my one splurge. I went back and forth with the flavor choices in my mind, but settled for my favorite of the Girl Scout Cookies:

Trefoils! I heart shortbread. Mmmmph. This was a nice substitute for the real thing. Honestly. I just keep smacking my lips and it’s like there are cookies in my mouth. Happiness and no calories!

When I came home, I decided it was time for a little manicure. As you can see in the pic above, my nail polish was chipping away and that drives me nuts. I looked at the walls in my living room and got an idea. I was going to do a French manicure but with aqua and teal!

essie turquoise and caicos and go overboard
That was the best I could do with hands that are not-so-steady! And crazy short nails. But they’re growing on me–the nails and the color. :-)

So that was my easy Sunday morning/afternoon. How was your weekend? What cookie flavor would you have chosen?