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Self Deprecation and Two Words You Use That Are Killing Your Vibe

Self deprecation...STOP IT.

Every time you use these two words self-deprecation wins: “Just” and “only.” Whenever you qualify something that would otherwise be highly awesome with “just” and “only”, a kitten falls out of a tree, a baby unicorn loses its horn and a piglet turns into bacon. Sad, yes, but I must get your attention to make …

10 Things I’m Not FALLing For

10 Things I'm Not Falling For - cherierunsthis.com

You know I mean business if I’m willing to end the title of a post with a preposition and just leave it like that. 😉 Anyhooo, Happy First Day of Autumn! I’m so not a summer person and quite thankful that it’s gone for three whole seasons now. I also don’t care for the term “fall.” I …