What I Eat While Training for the Pittsburgh Marathon Half

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So let’s talk nutrition. I’m pretty sure I should be sharing what I eat while training for the Pittsburgh Marathon Half. Here’s the deal: I won’t tell YOU what to eat. I’m not a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist so I have no place doing so! I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, but even as a trainer I don’t have the right to tell you what to eat. {Side note–unless your trainer is an RD or Nutritionist, he or she shouldn’t be telling you either!} I will tell you what I eat. 🙂

While I am upping my mileage to be sure my legs carry me through the 13.1, I also lift weights a lot. So while I eat my fair share of carbs, I tend to concentrate on protein first and foremost. I don’t have a lot of pasta, rice, potatoes or bread, but I do my best to make sure I get in a lot of veggies. Umm, and beer. Balance. It’s all about balance, lol. For the most part, I “eat clean.” I try not to have a lot of processed food; I like to make most of my meals from scratch and cook at home. I follow a balance of 80% clean/20% not-so-clean on a good week and on a bad week, I knock it down to a 70%/30%. Haha, life happens.

For me, I need to make sure I get enough macronutrients {proteins, carbs, fats} to sustain my fitness goals. A while ago, I simply went online, found a little macro calculator and calculated it based on my goal weight. Now, I don’t follow it to a tee errrrryday. I just about know how many macros are in what I eat because I roughly eat pretty similar from day to day give or take. I’m not a math girl. I was an English major. I don’t like to count calories, percentages, or points. I want none of that. I just like to eat. I’ve been on this fitness journey for a good five years now maintaining pretty well, so my body and I know where we stand on food consumption. If I am going to be running long, I will up my carbs. If I’m going to be lifting weights, I will up my protein. If it’s Thursday night and I’m watching Scandal, I will up my red wine. Anyhow, you do you!!!

Pittsburgh Marathon Nutrition

So here’s a looksee of typical foods that I will eat as I train for the Pittsburgh Marathon Half and basically in general! {Oh, and my new favorite grocery store is Aldi. It’s MAD CHEAP yo and has everything this single gal on a budget needs. Even organics! Check it out if you haven’t before!}

Grocery shopping at Aldi's Aldi's groceries
Fruit stuffed peppers
peanut butter kale chips
turkey wings
strawberries in colander lamb

food wings protein waffles

chicken plums green beanssalmon  pho ramen

I don’t have recipes for these–I tend to cook food on the fly and just know what to add or make it up as I go. I’m cool like that. Some of the pics may have a little more direction as far as what it is/how I threw it together on my Instagram, so check there! All of these are pretty recent, so you shouldn’t have to scroll too much.

Again, my best piece of advice will be to do what works for YOU. And by all means, heed this: DO NOT eat anything new, or strange to you, either within the couple of days leading up to race and/or especially the morning of the race. Talk about trouble!! Just don’t do it. 😀

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