What’s in the box? What’s in the box?

I’m not one to pass up free food. Scratch that–I’m not one to pass up healthy free food. So, when the opportunity presented itself to review another Bestowed Box, umm, duh, of course I agreed! bestowed-box

I last had one of these box of goodies sent to me almost a year ago now. (Feel free to check out that review if you missed it back then.) I love that these snacks included are hand-picked by celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer and are researched and trusted brands that don’t give me a darn built of guilt or funny feelings.

bestowed box open

You get 5+ nutrition/lifestyle products in your box. Every month is different, so I knew this box would be different from the last one I received. I was excited to see what was inside! (Yes, I said to myself, “What’s in the box? What’s in the boxxxx?” — I watched Se7en too many times, I know.) bestowed box

My box was jam-packed with goodies!!! This time around, I opened up my Bestowed Box and discovered:

♦ Salba Smart Chia Boost @SalbaSmart
♦ Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix @SkratchLabs
♦ An Oatworks Smoothie @oatworks
♦ Beanfield’s Bean and Rice Chips @BeanfieldsSnack
♦ Cooggies Oatmeal Raisin & Double Chocolate Cookies @cooggies
♦ Dark Chocolate Peanut Balance Bar @balancebar
♦ EBOOST Natural Energy Booster @EBOOST
♦ Rainbow Light Counter Attack @rainbowlightNS
♦ Nasoya Tofu (Coupon for One Free Item) @nasoya
♦ Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha (Coupon for One Free Item) @reedskombucha
♦ Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt (Coupon for One Free Item) @stonyfield
bestowed box bean chips

There was so much in my box that I’m still going through everything! The first item I grabbed and tore open was the bag of Bean and Rice Chips. I love crunchy. They were so amazing and passed the test of my coworkers too. I was actually nice and shared! 🙂 “I didn’t know you could make chips out of beans, but these things are good,”

commented one of my coworkers. So delicious! cooggies

I pummeled through the Coogies next. I also love chewy cookies. Haa. And these are made with vegetables?! No one could tell–yes, I shared with my coworkers again. If they couldn’t tell that veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, spinach and peas were in these cookies, no one will! Loved them. Also proceeded to eat them so fast that no pics were taken. Oops. Bad blogger.

Like I said, I’m still going through the rest of the goodies: salba chia boost balance bar eboost oatworks smoothie skratch labs rainbow light counter attack

And I still need to head to the grocery store to pick up my free tofu, kombucha and yogurt! nasoya kombucha yogurt coupons

But so far so good–none of the items in my Bestowed boxes have let me down yet!

If YOU would like to get your hands on a box at a discount, feel free to use the code: HELLOYUM77 to receive your first box for $10 (that’s $9 savings!). The boxes are shipped directly to your door with FREE shipping. You can have them sent to you every month and get fun goodies to try out! So much more fun than the usual bills and junk mail you get delivered to you every month, right? 😉

This code is good until February 15, 2014, so get ordering and find out what’s in your box!!

*I was provided a complimentary Bestowed Box for review. All opinions are truthful and my own!

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